High Frequency Output

A High Frequency Output (HFO) project is a year long commitment to create something from start to finish in any medium and share it in public for 365 consecutive days.

Futureland has developed a safe and supportive Slack community for any person to pursue an HFO project or discuss any aspects of art, technology and life. New technologies to support and accelerate the creative process are also in development by Futureland.

This is the framework of an HFO project:

  1. Select a medium and commit publicly or in Futureland to create something in that medium from start to finish everyday.
  2. You must complete your output for each day and share publicly or in Futureland before sleeping for the day.
  3. It is ok to share mediocre work. Actually this is encouraged as it begins to change your psychological relationship with your work. And making many mediocre things is a very important part of learning anything new
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